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Guided Group Meditation Session For Mind, Body & Soul ~ Chair Massages~ Private Cabana Time For All Attendees
Please Choose 1 of the 2 additional services:
Arm and Hand Massage
Express Manicure

** While in the Spa area, please Relax & Enjoy the Relaxation Lounge, Jacuzzi, Sauna & Steam Room **


* All online registrations will incur a $7.50 processing fee. To avoid this fee, you may mail your Money Order or Cashier's Check to:

Ladies in Stride, Inc.
PO Box 1016
Tucker, Ga 30085

   Payment Options - Partial Payments $100 Initial Deposit Only (Deposit is due on or before 10/1/2019 - members and non-members)
$100 2nd Payment Only (Payment due by 12/1/2019 - members and non-members)
$85 Final Payment Only (Payment due on or before 3/15/2020 - members only)
$100 Final Payment Only (Payment due on or before 3/15/2020 - non-members only)

   Payment Options - Full Payments $285 Full Payment for L.I.S. members - This includes your deposit
$300 Full Payment for Non-Members - This includes your deposit

   Payment for Spouses & Male Guests (Spiritual Life & Relationships Session) $25 Payment for Spouses & Male Guests (Spiritual Life & Relationships Session)  Nbr:   Name(s):

   Payment for Spouses & Male Guests (Miami Land & Water Tour - space is limited) $65 Payment for Spouses & Male Guests (Miami Land & Water Tour)  Nbr:   Name(s):

  As a participant of L.I.S. 8th Total Health & Wellness Miami Florida Retreat, if I should choose to participate in any or all of the activities planned by L.I.S. Inc., I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors & administrators, do waive & release any & all rights & claims for damages & injuries against L.I.S. Inc., board members, organizers, sponsors & assigns for any & all claims of liability. I am also aware that some of the photos & videos taken during this retreat may be used to promote future L.I.S. Retreats and help to increase membership. If you are under 18yrs of age, a legal guardian's signature required.

Optional L.I.S. Apparel

SelectQuantityItem DescriptionSize
L.I.S. Purple Wrist Band $3.00/ea 
L.I.S. Lapel Pin $5.00/ea 
L.I.S. Sun Visor (white) $12.00/ea 
L.I.S. Sun Visor (black) $12.00/ea 
L.I.S. Cap (white) $12.00/ea 
L.I.S. Cap (black) $12.00/ea 
Purple Tank-Top (S - XL) $20.00/ea
Purple Tank-Top (2X - 4X) $22.00/ea
Black Tank-Top (S - XL) $20.00/ea
Black Tank-Top (2X - 4X) $22.00/ea
Purple T-Shirt (S - XL) $18.00/ea
Purple T-Shirt (2X - 4X) $20.00/ea
Black T-Shirt (S - XL) $18.00/ea
Black T-Shirt (2X - 4X) $20.00/ea
Purple V-Neck (S - XL) $20.00/ea
Purple V-Neck (2X - 4X) $22.00/ea
Black V-Neck (S - XL) $20.00/ea
Black V-Neck (2X - 4X) $22.00/ea

Shipping charge minimum of $6.75 will be applied. You will be contacted if shipping charges exceed the minimum.