Greetings Ladies!

Thank you for your interest in Ladies In Stride,  Inc.   ~ "YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH"~

Ladies In Stride, Inc. is a Diverse Christian-Based Organization promoting Stress Reduction & Total Health & Wellness.   Established in September 2011.

Our mission is to help all ladies live healthy, balanced lifestyles using a holistic approach. We will help nurture growth and development, physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially and socially. We promote total health for the mind, body & soul.

Are we a church? No, but we do love the Lord and have members from different churches across the U.S.

Are we a sorority? No, but we are a loving sisterhood with members from many different sororities.

Ladies In Stride,Inc. is committed to increasing public awareness on the importance of total health and wellness by decreasing your Stress Levels, in order to decrease your risk for chronic illnesses.

Ladies In Stride,Inc. is for ladies of all ages (13 & older). We are here to uplift, encourage, educate, and motivate each other to "Keep it Moving" toward a healthier life as we reach our full potential. We are also committed to our young L.I.S. members as mentors.(13-20yrs old)

L.I.S. corporate office is located in Smoke Rise, Georgia. Our Atlanta Home Team meets several times during the year for a fun & informative outing where we concentrate  on our "Focus Of The Month"~ (Monthly Focuses Are: Physical Health, Mental & Emotional Health, Spiritual Life, Finances, or Relationships). We also host National Monthly Conference Calls on the 1st Tuesday of each month, that includes all members from all teams from across the U.S.  Speakers from various organizations, such as Merrill Lynch, Kaiser Permanente, The Regional Office of Women's Health, and local churches donate their time and talents to assist us on our National Calls & Local Events.

L.I.S. is very active in our communities.  The Atlanta L.I.S.  HomeTeam makes regular visits to homeless shelters for women in the area providing clothing and other items. We participate in walks, road races, wholesome social events, and health-related screenings.

L.I.S. corporate office promotes healthy meals and regularly attends the Kaiser Permanente Healthy Cooking Classes that are offered to members and the community.

Members of L.I.S. are located in several states across the US. We are helping to raise awareness concerning Stress Reduction & Healthy Living with every women that we touch throughout this country & abroad.

Let's team up to make great things happen for ourselves and others through an Awesome Sisterhood, prayer, exercise, relaxation techniques and more!!
Letís begin taking better care of ourselves and have fun while doing so!!

Our Board Members and Advisors

Our Founder & President~Mrs. Geonice Jackson Hanchett

Vice President~ Mrs. Panette Griffin

Treasurer~ Dr. Donald Hanchett,I

Assistant Treasurer~ Mrs. Kaye Dixon

Recording Secretary~ Ms. Carie Cato

Corresponding Secretary~ Mrs. Isvalia Hood

Parliamentarian~ Mr. Paul Hanchett

Executive Board Member~ Ms. Alison Dealy

Executive Board Member~ Mrs. Tari Tribble


L.I.S. Advisors:

Ladies in Stride, Inc. Medical Advisor~ Dr. Donald Hanchett,I

Young Ladies in Stride,Inc Medical Advisor: Dr. Marion Howard

L.I.S. Spiritual Advisor~  Pastor Jesse Curney,III

L.I.S. Advisory Committee Members:

Mr. Kevin Hanchett

Mr. John Durkota

Mr. Andrew Snorton


Our Slogan/Motto:

 Keep it Moving!


Our Mission Statement:    

Our mission is to help all ladies live healthy, balanced lifestyles using an holistic approach. We will help nurture growth & development, Physically, Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Financially & Socially. 


Our Vision:

Our vision is to see all ladies live longer, healthier lives as they reach their full potential in Christ.


Our Symbol:

  The HEART  . Which stands for our LOVE for God, ourselves, our sisters & the world around us.

Our Colors:

Purple & White~

PURPLE: Which stands for Royalty(The beautiful queen that you are) 

WHITE: Which stands for Purity (A healthier New you)


If L.I.S. is for you, GET READY to join up with the "Ladies in Stride" team in your area!! Get ready to focus on your health online with us OR attend educational sessions, prayer walks, sign up for road races (walk or jog), attend our very own Annual L.I.S. Health & Wellness Retreat, other women conferences & seminars, travel, enjoy Lady's Night Out, participate in our Acts of Kindness Charity Events ("AOK" Day), and many other fun and helpful events!! Don't feel that you have to attend everything. Please participate in what you can, when you can, and allow yourself to be empowered through the information shared!

Join us as a "Lady in Stride" and "Keep it Moving" toward a longer, healthier, happier life!

 Please complete the membership form on this website under the "Join Us" tab and let's get moving!

Area Captains are posted under "contact us" on this website.


Our 7th Annual Ladies in Stride Total Health and Wellness Retreat/Seminar will be held in San Diego California next year!! We are going to enjoy a trip into Mexico as well!!  Get ready to enjoy & "De-stress" yourself! You will receive Important Health Information, Excellent Food, Fun!! Get ready to meet your new sisters & enjoy yourself!



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Blessings to you!!

"Ladies in Stride ~ If we can help just one lady to live a day longer because of something that we have said or done ~ we will have made God smile!"